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Hanover Man’s Throat Slit on Dumb up Beach in Mobay – Killer Fled

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Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) Hanover Man’s Throat Slit on Dumb up Beach: The Barnett Street and Freeport police in Montego Bay St James are now in search of a man who they say murdered another man by slitting his throat in the second city, on Tuesday afternoon, June 6.

The victim has been identified as Alexander Evans, otherwise called ” Water Bird,” 44-year-old of Cold Spring community in Hanover, but frequents the Gloucester Avenue “Bottom Road” area of Montego Bay.

Reports are that, sometime on Monday, Evans and the youth who is now been sought, had an argument along Gloucester Avenue.

The dispute continued into Tuesday morning, about 11:45 am Evans went to a section of the popular “Dump Up Beach” to have a nap on a large stone.

It is reported that, the youth crept up on Evans while he was sleeping, slit his throat then fled the scene on foot.

The Barnett Street police were summoned and upon arrival the victim was transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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