Hanover 52-Year-Old MAN Sexually Molested 8-year-old Girl

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Jamaica News, February 8, 2018                                                              

Hanover, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Hanover Man Sexually Molested 8-year-old Girl: The Hanover police have reported that a 52-year-old, man who is a former hotel worker and who allegedly sexually molested an 8-year-old girl in the parish on Sunday afternoon was later taken into custody and his presently awaiting to be charged.

The police also pointed out that the name of the accused is been withheld pending further investigations.

Reports are that on Sunday afternoon, February 5th, an elderly woman who resides in the community of Rejoin sent her 8-year-old grand-daughter to a nearby shop to purchase some items.

After an hour passed the woman started to get curious that her grand-daughter did not return.                                                    She then raised an alarm and was later accompanied by other family members and friends who joined in a search for her.

Further reports are that during a search of the community they discovered the child at the accused man’s house.

It is alleged that the child was discovered without under clothes and after she was questioned she told them that she was sexually molested by the accused.

The matter was reported to the Sandy Bay police and following an investigation, the accused man was taken into custody.

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