Exclusive: Hanover Man Impregnates Sister-in-Law, Says his Life has Become a Living Hell

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Jamaica News, Hanover: A Hanover man who made the mistake of getting his girlfriend’s sister pregnant, is now counting his blessings, after he was attacked and chopped almost to death, by his deranged common-law-wife.

missa reporter mi don’t know why mi decide fi do such a thing“, stated Anthony Brown (not his real name),  “the one little mistake mi mek and now mi life is a living hell “.

The broken-hearted man, wept as he sat in the office at Mckoy’s News in Montego Bay, St James and told his bitter, sweet, story.

According to him,  he loves his baby mother very much and he does not know what had gotten into him why he went to bed with her sister.

It all started during the summer holidays, during the month of September, while I was in Lucea town. “I had just gotten a car to operate taxi and while heading back into the countryside I picked up my sister-in-law, who was coming from work“.

After we reached the community, I dropped off the passengers, but the rain was falling so I decided to drop her home” he stated.  “upon reaching her gate, I helped her with her bags to the house and as the rain continued to pour down, she offered me a drink and I said yes

the woman start fi tek off her clothes in another room and mi go glimpse her naked body,  immediately mi turn fool, and next ting the two of us inna bed

I did not intend for her to get pregnant and it came as a shock to me, when my baby mother, Kimone (not her real name)  came to me while I was running taxi In Lucea, three days ago and threw a pregnancy-test in my lap.

At first I was happy, thinking it was my girlfriend who was pregnant again,  but it was the two machete slaps in my chest that brought me to reality that something was wrong“.

I jumped from the car and that is when I noticed her mother, and her sister standing behind the car.  I froze up and immediately two more slaps from the machete, made me realize that my entire world was tumbling down around me“.

My mother-in-law then came into the picture and she joined in with a piece of board and started to help her daughter to beat me. Other taxi drivers and dozens of persons started to laugh so I had to run from the scene, leaving the car in the middle of the road“.

They chased me through Lucea town and I had to run inside a store and them lock the door, in order to save my life“.

Since that day my life has become a living hell, I cannot go back to my home, and I have to constantly be looking over my shoulders for my baby mother, who swore to kill me“.

She has a 5-year-old son for me and now her sister is four months pregnant.  This morning I was told by one of my friends that both sisters are planning to take me to family court and if they do that I know that I will be in trouble“.

Today I made up my mind to leave the parish and relocate to another parish because I am afraid that one of these days my babymother will chop me up“.

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