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Hanover man allegedly drowned in Goat Pen River

Goat Pen River

Hanover, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) –  Goat Pen River: In just a few days apart two men have lost their lives allegedly by drowning in the parish of Hanover.

The latest victim has been identified has Jepheal Gillies otherwise called ” Jeff ” of Haddington district.

Reports are that, about 12:30 pm on Monday, Jeff and other boys from the area went to the Goat Pen River in Haddington, Hanover to bathe.

Upon reaching the river Jeff was in the process of entering the water when allegedly slipped and hit his head on a stone. He then lost his balance and fell in the water and was not seen again.

The other boys upon seeing what had happened raised an alarm and other community members rushed to the river and joined in the search.

The Sandy Bay police in Hanover and a team of divers were summoned to the area and for several hours the search continued.

About 11:00 pm the divers found his body underneath the water and fished him out.

He was transported to the Noel Holmes Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Sandy Bay police say they are now awaiting a postmortem examination to make a proper ruling.

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