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Hanover Man Charged with Raping 12-Year-Old Step-Granddaughter


The Hanover Police have reported that a man who was being sought for having sex with a 12-year-old student, who is also his step-granddaughter, in Kendall district, since 2018, has been arrested and charged.

The accused man is a 46-year-old  business operator of Bottom Kendal,  Green Island, Hanover.

He was arrested and charged with three counts of rape on Friday, September 18.

Reports by the Green Island police are that, between 2018 and 2020, He allegedly raped the 12-year-old student who resides with her grandmother, who is his common-law wife, on multiple occasions.

The accused is said to have been raping the minor, while she has been preparing for school, going to fetch water, and even behind a shop which he operates in the community, the minute his partner turned her back.

The child reported the incidents to her grandmother, who in turn took her to the police, and following check-ups at the Noel Holmes Hospital, The man was taken into custody.

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