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Hanover Lottery Scammer Sentenced to 34 Months in USA Prison


Latest Jamaica News, Hanover (McKoy’s News): Hanover Lottery Scammer Sentenced A Hanover man who pleaded guilty to be a major player in the lottery scamming, was sentenced to serve little under 3 years in a USA prison, when he appeared in a USA Court on Thursday.

The accused 23-year-old Oraine Grey, was sentenced to serve 34 months in prison, after he pleaded guilty to be involved in the Lottery Scam.

Grey who hails from Haughton Grove community in the Ramble policing area of Hanover, admitted to running a lottery scam which fleeced several elderly USA citizens of their retirement pensions and other funding, amounting to over $US90,000 or JA$11.6 million.

Lottery Scam King-Pin Arrested in Hanover

Grey who refers to himself as “James Cooper” also admitted to making death threats to intimidate victims into paying taxes and other prize monies, they never received.

After serving his sentencing, Grey will be deported back to his homeland, in Jamaica.

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