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Hanover: Launch of Hanover Hope Foundation and Back to School Fair in Lucea


Hanover, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Launch of Hanover Hope Foundation: The Hanover Hope Foundation, on Saturday, August 26 hosted its very first staging of a back to school fair benefitting over 600 children in the parish. This is the first main project since it was officially founded in July 2017 as a new charitable organization in the parish of Hanover.  The long lines and huge turnout were indications of the eagerness of Hanoverians to meet the members of the new Hanover Hope Foundation while securing their children’s book vouchers and enjoying the fun entertainment put on by WoopyDooEntertainment.

Co-Chair Rev. Glenroy Clarke, of United Church in Lucea, was overjoyed at the turnout of the fair and applauded the efforts of the committee members and volunteers, noting that all their hard work was not in vain.  Clarke remarked “The launch of HHF is a breath of fresh air to the citizens of Hanover. To see the overwhelming response of the patrons who attended the event was amazing and the spirit of volunteerism is well alive and the future is bright.” Co-chair Pastor George Bates of Lucea Christian Fellowship Church remarked: “After a storm there comes the calm restoring Hanover’s pride and joy through Hanover Hope Foundation and our mission of giving hope amidst hopelessness through working with stakeholders to achieve our desired objectives”.

The Foundation disbursed 550 book vouchers for Basic, Primary and Secondary children valued at $1500 and $2000 which were sponsored by Western Hanover Member of Parliament Ian Hayles. In addition, children were treated to snow cone, popcorn, cotton candy, trampoline,  bounce-about and gifts. There was also a stage show for the entire family with local Hanoverian talent for all to enjoy with performances by Princess Tia, Dermy Dee, Busha Tee, Nuchie and more. The event was MC’d by legendary BarryG and live-broadcasted on MellowFM.

The foundation which is co-chaired by Reverend Glenroy Clarke and Pastor George Bates is the brain child of Member of Parliament for Western Hanover, Ian Hayles. The foundation’s mission which speaks to promoting successful community development in the parish will focus primarily on providing underprivileged children and youths in Hanover with greater social exposure and awareness and is not politically affiliated, it is a bipartisan effort.  As a concerned Jamaican citizen, Mr. Hayles wanted to assemble a team that could spearhead this foundation, which has many positive projects in the pipeline for the next few months to come.

Photos from Launch of Hanover Hope Foundation and Back to School  Fair in Lucea, Hanover


The committee members are:

Lorraine Scringer, former Hanover Football Federation chair; Dr. Clive McKenzie who founded the Hanover Diabetics Group; Katrin Casserly, chair of Hanover Charities who is very happy to assist as this foundation will bring all our causes even closer to the most underprivileged in the parish and Wendy Ansine Bernard, banker and Hanoverian who has been eager to give back to her parish. Tena Kay Gilling, a former Hanover Charities scholarship student is the treasurer.


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