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Hanover gangs, major contributors to crime rise in the parish – Police

Hanover, Jamaica (McN) – ‘Hanover gangs ,’ are destroying our nice parish,” said a returnee resident as he expressed his concern about the crime.

Hanover gangs are a major contributory factor, to the rise in crime in the parish, according to police officers.

Hanover is one of the smallest parishes in Jamaica, located on the western end of the island. Growing economically over the years through tourism and farming, however, the surge in violence now crippling the parish stems from so many individuals willfully joining Hanover gangs.


“The numerous killings that are spiraling out of control, unbeknownst to the parish, is due to the infamous lottery scam, contract killings and extortion.”  Declared Detective Corporal Jenkins.
“There are 4 known gangs in the parish that are mainly responsible for the increase in crime on this side,” he further added.” since the starting of the year, there have been a reported 23 murders in the parish, and 13 of them are related to Hanover gangs.”


One Omario Burell, O.C. ‘Duplex’,  a 21-year-old known elder of the notorious ‘One Voice’ gang in the parish, was gun down earlier this year in Mt. Pleasant, during the execution of a warrant issued for him. It was reported that the lawmen went to his house, after being issued a warrant, Burrell pulled a gun on the officer then they fired at him, killing him.


The matter was reported to the Inspectorate of Constabulary and the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM), which was also probing the fatal shooting of two men by the police in the vicinity of Kingston Wharf the week before.


Lotto scam has become the first option for many involve in the Hanover gangs, even when more and more persons are being caught, extradited and convicted.


Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Sharon Beeput, is confident the measures recently put in place to dismantle gangs, including the anti-gang legislation, will deter many from making such criminal decision.


The DSP is also encouraging persons to work with the police officers, in solving crimes and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

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