Hanover Gang Leader Sentenced to 40 Yrs Hard Labour

News Crime Investigator Henry Bucknor

Hanover, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) –  Hanover Gang Leader Sentenced: a man who is said to be the leader of the dismantled “One Link Gang” which operates out of Green Island community in the parish of Hanover was sentenced to 40 years of hard labor when he appeared in the Western Regional Gun Court few days ago.

The accused has been identified as Delnathan Moultan otherwise called Del, 22-year-old laborer of Hopewell in Hanover and Green Island address.

He was facing the court on charges of illegal possession of firearm and ammunition and shooting with intent.

During the trial the prosecution bench pointed out that Moultan and other known gang members of the One Link Gang which also operates out of Green Island over the past six years has been links to several murders, shootings and armed robberies which have occurred in and around the Green Island policing area.

Moultan’s co-accused who as been identified as Andrae Clark otherwise called Turbo and who is said said to be the main player in the One Link Gang is also facing the court on similar charges and his booked to reappear in court during the last week of May, where is trial will continue.

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