Hanover Gang Leader Facing Multiple Murder Charges, Remanded in Custody until Next Circuit Setting

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Jamaica Crime News, Hanover: A man who is said to be one of Hanover’s most feared gang leader, had multiple murder cases against him set for the next sitting of the Hanover Circuit Court, when he appeared in the climax of the Court on Thursday, November 29.

Yassar “Fry-Eye” James, who appeared in the Hanover Circuit Court on Thursday, November 29, had his case traverse and was remanded into custody until the next Circuit sitting, in March of 2019.

The Hanover police have labelled James as the feared leader of the notorious One Voice Gang, he is facing the Hanover Circuit Court on seven counts of murder, which the police say have all taken place in the Lucea and Kingsvale policing areas, between 2012 to 2017.

One Superintendent of Police says, Yassar James is behind over 40 per-cent of the murders that have taken place throughout the parish, over the past six years, and leading up to his capture in early 2017.

James is the known leader of the One Voice Gang, which is the most vicious gang out of Hanover and the members are linked to dozens of murders which have taken place in and around the Middle Sex, Diaz and Greenland communities.

They further stated that, James is also into the selling of arms, extortion and contract killing, he alone is linked to over twenty murders, but has only been arrested on seven counts.

When James appeared in Court last Thursday, High Court Judge, Justice Martin Gayle was informed by Stephen Smith, who appeared for the crown, that certain files towards the cases are not yet completed.

Justice Gayle, then ordered that James be remanded into custody and all cases against him traverse to the next Circuit sitting which commences on March 13, 2019.

Yassar “Fry Eye” James, is also facing charges for the murder of Andre McKenzie and another gang leader,  Valdemier “Wingy” Obrian Chambers.

Chambers who was the leader of the One Voice Gang, was allegedly shot and killed by James and his cronies, in the Greenland area of Hanover in 2016, while returning from a football match which was held in Westmoreland.

James then fled the parish of Hanover, but was later captured in Spanish Town, St Catherine, during a joint military operation.


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