Hanover Council seeking to keep parish free of COVID-19 attacks street vending

A campaign led by the Hanover Municipal Corporation (HMC) is on, to remove street-side vending and its attendant crowding in the parish that has so far been kept free of COVID-19.

Two vendors have been served summonses and another 45 have been removed from the streets of Hopewell, in an ongoing campaign by the HMC to have the vendors become compliant.

Wednesday was the second day in the Corporation’s initiative to stamp out street-side selling in parish. This initiative is a joint effort by the police, the military and personnel from the Enforcement and Compliance Department of the Hanover Municipal Corporation.

It is also stated that this is an effort to contain the COVID-19 virus, which, has yet to arrive in the parish.

The effort has thus far seen produce and goods being seized, vendors from Hopewell being removed and urged to take up space in the market and some stalls being destroyed. The HMC is now eyeing Green Island as their next target.

They are assuring everyone that the campaign will continue until the desired result is achieved.

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