Hanover Charities 53 Million Dollar Grant Ceremony

Hanoverians Benefit From Hanover Charities 53 Million Dollar Grant Ceremony

Hanover, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)Hanover Charities 53 Million Dollar Grant Ceremony: More than 250 recipients walked away all in smiles following Thursday, June 22nd, hosted  Hanover Charities Annual Grant Ceremony which was held at the Round Hill Hotel and Villas Resort, Hanover Room in Hanover.

The Hanover Charities group has been in existence since 1957 and this year 2017 they have reached a milestone with this $50 million grant award ceremony.

A Total of 122 students were presented with Scholarship Grants while over 130 other cheque presentations were presented to schools, community groups, non-profit organizations and residents who are considered to be living in depressing conditions.

Guest Speaker at the function was the Rev. Sheila R Mckeithen, President of the Universal Foundation for Better Living. She addressed the large turnout, commending Hanover Charities for the excellent job that they have been doing and encouraged all recipients to be very grateful for such a just cause.

Katrin Casserly, Chairman of Hanover Charities, told Mckoy’s news that she is very pleased to be once again giving back to the community. According to Mrs. Casserly, this year her award budget climbed to $53 million and they managed to present all their recipients with their grants.

She also stated that they had a long successful year with the installation of three Computer labs, the largest being 40 computers at the Ruseas High School. Funding the Hopewell Sports and Recreation Center at a tune of over $50 million,  Several Schools Literacy and Library Programs and the funding of the Soupkitchen which feeds over 500 persons each week.

Akino Lewis representing Le Antonio’s Foundation at The Hanover Charities 53 Million Dollar Grant Ceremony

One main recipient,  the Le Antonio’s Foundation, was overwhelmed for what they say were well-needed awards. Akino Lewis a volunteer to the Le Antonio’s Foundation, accepted the award on behalf of the Managing Director Antonio Mckoy.  Mr. Lewis told the audience that his group was extremely appreciative of the Grant and the support from Hanover Charities over the past years.

On Thursday Institutions such as the Hanover Parish Library, Mediation Centre, Diabetic Support Group, Cornwall College, Infirmary, Charities, Education Groups, Montego Bay Legal Aid Clinic, Cornwall Regional Hospital and West Heaven Children’s Home, among others, benefitted from this grand ceremony.

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