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Hanover Car Wash Owner Drowned Trying To Save His Boat


Hanover, Jamaica (McN)Hanover car wash owner drowned: A Car Wash Operator who hails from Woodland District in Hanover lost his life by drowning in the Great River on Friday afternoon.

The deceased has been identified as Junior Whyte, 45 years old.

Reports are that about 3:30 pm on Friday, Whyte who operates the Great River Car Wash along the Great River main
road in Great River Hanover, was at his business place when a fishing boat which was docked beside the car wash got loose and started to drift out to sea.

Whyte reportedly jumped on a bamboo raft and paddled out in the water in a bid to stop the boat from drifting away.

Further report are that while reaching for the rope, the raft capsized and Whyte fell into the water.

A group of eyewitnesses dived in the water in a bid to save  him but the water was very dark so they had to stop the rescue.

Several hours later the Sandy Bay police were called to the area and upon arrival they sought the assistance of other fishermen who dived in the river and  fished the lifeless body of the car wash operator from the water.

He was later pronounced dead at the Noel Holmes Hospital.

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