Hanover Double Murder, Hanover Businesswoman and Son Murdered

Middlesex, Hanover Businesswoman and Son Murdered

Hanover, Jamaican ( Mckoy’s News)Hanover Businesswoman and Son Murdered: the Kingsvale police in the parish of Hanover have launched a full investigation into the shooting death of a mother and her son in the parish on Friday night, May 26.

Dead are Juliett Grant, otherwise called Sharon, a 43-year-old shop keeper and her son Romario Daley, otherwise called Munchie, 24-year-old both of Middlesex, Hanover,

Reports are that, about 8:30 pm on Friday, Grant along with her son and other family members were sitting on the veranda of their house which is located close to the Middlesex Square.

Three men armed with handguns crept upon them and open fire on the family hitting Grant and her son.

Other family members managed to escape unhurt as the gunmen made their escape in the area on foot.

The Kingsvale police were alerted and upon arrival the scene was processed and both victims were later transported to the Sav la mar Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

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