Hanover Businessman Overpowers Gunman after Being Shot Twice

Jamaica Crime News, Hanover: A 53-year-old businessman who resides in Cold Spring district in the parish of Hanover, is now nursing gunshot wounds at hospital, following a physical confrontation between himself and a gunman outside his business place in Cold Spring on Monday.

The gunman who was overpowered by the businessman was also shot by his own gun and is also at hospital under police guard.

Reports by the Lucea police are that about 10:30 p.m. on Monday, the businessman was inside his shop in Cold Spring district when the accused who was armed with a handgun,  walked to the outside of the shop and started to fire gunshots in the air.

Further reports by the police are that the businessman went outside and cautioned the gunman which led to an argument.

Both men got involved in a physical confrontation, during what time, the businessman was shot twice.  The brave shopkeeper continued at the gunman and he too was shot by his own gun.

Residents rushed to the aid of the businessman and discovered that both men were shot. They were both rushed to the Noel Holmes hospital in Lucea where they were admitted in serious condition.

The police were informed of the incident, immediately they launched an investigation and placed the wounded gunman under police guard.

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