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Hanover Brother Charged with Murder of Chef Brother

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Jamaica News, January 10, 2018 

Hanover, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Hanover Brother Charged: The Sandy Bay police have reported that they have made a successful breakthrough into the first murder recorded in the parish for 2018 which took place in the community of Haddington on January 4th.

According to the police, Edward Crooks of the same address was on Tuesday officially charged with the murder of his 49-year-old brother Robert Winston Crooks.

The Sandy Bay police reported that on Thursday, January 4 about 10:30 pm, Edward alerted them that he came home to a house which they shared in Harrington District and discovered his brother Robert in a pool of blood on the floor of the house.

The police went to the scene and discovered that Robert died from multiple stab wounds to his upper body.  The accused brother pointed the police in the directions of his brother’s girlfriend while informing them that he overheard her in an argument with him that morning.

The police acted swiftly and picked up the female and following several hours of interrogation they picked up a series of clues which implicated the brother.

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Hanover Brother Charged: They then revisited the scene and gathered clues which clearly implicated the brother as the killer, he was subsequently charged with murder.

He is now booked to appear in the Sandy Bay Court next week where he will answer to charges.

Meanwhile, the residents of Hanover especially those living in Haddington, praised the police for their swift breakthrough into the killing.

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