Half-Way-Tree Transport Centre welcomes rural buses

The Half-Way-Tree Transport Centre is now the hub of some rural stage carriage buses operating in the Corporate Area. In a recent statement, managing director at the Transport Authority, Willard Hylton said this operation will ease the congestion in the area and is scheduled to start today and ends on June 30th; after which an assessment will be done to determine its continuity or alterations.

Corporate Communication Manager at the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC), Cecil Thomas said that his team at the JUTC has made the necessary adjustments to accommodate the newly arrived rural buses in the Transport Centre.

“Our technical and operations teams have had a series of meetings with the Transport Authority to ensure a seamless process come May 25th,” he said.

Thomas also outlined the routes these buses along with commuters will now traverse and clearly stated the new operations of the Centre.

“Our commuters will note that at platform ‘F’ (the platform closest to the exit on the lower level), will now be used by rural stage carriers while the remaining platform ‘A-E’ will now accommodate displaced units;” explained Thomas.

Cecil further declared that despite the pile up of traffic that motorists and commuters may face from the lower level of the Transport Center which runs off Eastwood Park Road, he assures commuters that this will be alleviated with the use of signs and instructions from staff members working in the area.

“It is to be noted that while there will be an increased volume of traffic particularly on the lower level, we assure commuters that all routes which normally use the lower floor will continue to do so. In light of the changes, there will be signage and staff of the Transport Authority and JUTC to assist commuters navigating the centre,” Thomas stated.

As outlined, the affected routes will be:

Kingston – Linstead

Kingston – White Water Meadows

Kingston – Guanaboavale

Kingston – Longville Park

Kingston – Point Hill

Kingston – New Harbour Village

Old Harbour Bay – Papine

Longville Park – Papine


Mckoy’s News will conduct a follow-up on this story for any major modifications or the continuity of this operation.


Writer- Natasha Williams

Photo Credit – Jamaica Star

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