Man Chopped to Death in St James

Haitians Behead Rasta man and Chopped Him to Minced Pieces

Latest Jamaica News (McKoy’s News): Haitians Behead Rasta man Guns for trade – the term being used to describe the relationship between criminals of Jamaica and criminals of Haiti, under this arrangement Haitians barter guns and Jamaicans barter items that are deemed necessary or in demand by Haitian criminals, these items may include simplicities such as, food, toiletries and items of clothing etc.

In recent developments, the criminal underworld received a major blow as one of its major players was gruesomely killed in Haiti. The infamous violence producer is purported to have been one of Montego Bay’s most wanted men. A video making the rounds on social media vividly depicts a number of Haitians using sharp knife like instruments to repeatedly cut and stab the Jamaican man and his cronies. The vicious jungle justice killing allegedly occurred as a result of one member of the Jamaican gang killing a key Haitian male criminal.

The savagery was likened to the chopping up of meat as a Rastafarian member of the Jamaican gang was beheaded and his body finely chopped. His head was held in the air and being paraded amongst the crowd in Haiti. Though the killing was a supposed act of reprisal, the Haitian killers did not just end their violent revenge on the Rastafarian, but also exacted merciless killings on his cronies.

Jamaica has a long-standing relationship with Haiti, as historically, Jamaicans in Haiti were among the first black Jamaicans to be declared free citizens of Haiti by personal intervention of a president.


By Karleyer Edwards

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