Dr. Testified Haemorrhagic Shock From Gunshot Killed Man

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Death Squad Trial Continues 

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – We are following the court trial of the “Death Squad.” On Wednesday, Feb 22 the Home Circuit Court heard that 20-year-old Fabian Dinal, the man Constable Collis “Chuky” Brown and Corporal Rohan Morrison are accused of shooting to death, died from haemorrhagic shock as a result of gunshot wounds.

Brown and Morrison are being tried for murder of 20-year-old Fabian Dinal and the shooting and wounding with intent of another man.

Dinal was allegedly fatally shot by the accused policemen and, along with another man who allegedly shot at close range in the chest and injured in May Pen, Clarendon, on February 13, 2010.

Prosecution brought forth the medical doctor who observed the deceased.

On the stand yesterday was prosecution witness, Dr. Brennan who obtained his medical degree in Ukraine in 1993. Brennan has practised medicine in Jamaica since 1997.

What is Haemorrhagic Shock?

Dr Desmond Brennan was on the stand. He testified that haemorrhagic shock is referred to as bleeding outside of the circulatory system a specific volume of blood that is needed to be flowing throughout the body at any particular time.

Dr. Brennan explained to the court that when the body’s blood falls below specific amounts, the vital organs would not be able to work as they should, causing the body to collapse, and death to follow.

In his testimony Dr Brennan stated that 850 cubic centimetres of blood was removed from the right side of Dinal’s chest due to gunshot puncture wounds causing the bleeding of organ (s). He explained that blood is not normally found in the chest cavity.

Dr. Brennan testified that he observed a 1.1-centimetre gunshot entry wound opening into Dinal’s chest, and puncture wounds in the  lower area of the right lung and to the diaphragm.

The physician told the court that a bullet appeared to have pierced Dinal’s right lung and fractured his right rib.

He said it appeared also that Dinal was also shot below the collarbone which exited through his back near his 10th rib.

Dr. Brennan testified that based on his observed of the gunshot injury, it appeared that the shooter was at least three feet or more away from the deceased.

The trial continues today, Thursday

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