Hanover: Haddington Residents Angry over Deplorable Road Conditions

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Jamaica News, March 2, 2018 – Haddington Residents Angry                                                   

Hanover, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Several residents who reside in the communities of Haddington, New Mills, Cocoon and Welcome in Hanover, say they are now upset with the deplorable road conditions which have been affecting them for a number of years now.

According to the residents,  the roadway which runs from Hopewell through these communities has too long been left unattended by the government representatives.

Our news team was given a tour of the communities and we came upon almost three miles of road on which all motor vehicles were forced to drive at very slow speed due to very large potholes which are all over the roadway.

A number of taxi operators pointed out that, on a daily basis their vehicles suffer various damages due to the rugged surface and huge craters. They further stated that they are having difficulties transporting their passengers to and from the communities to their relevant destinations.

Haddington Residents Angry

Meanwhile, the angry residents pointed out that the current  Jamaica Labour Party Councillor for the Division,  Devon Brown, resides in the area and also the current Jamaica Labour Party Member of Parliament for the Constituency also hails from the area.

According to the residents,  the Councillor has to travel by this deplorable roadway each day while the Member of Parliament also travels on the said route when visiting his family members yet they turn a blind eye to this grave problem.

Our news team made several attempts to get in touch with the Member of Parliament and the Councillor but we were unsuccessful.

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