Gunshot Victim Succumb to Injuries at Cornwall Regional Hospital

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Gunshot Victim Succumb to Injuries: Osborne Evans the 65-yr-old shopkeeper who was shot and injured by gunmen at his shop in Pitfour St James on Tuesday morning, succumbed to his injuries at the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

According to the Granville Police shortly after 8:30 am on Tuesday morning November 28, 2017, Evans and another male identified as his son and two other men were sitting at his shop at Love Lane in Pitfour.

It is further reported that four men all armed with handguns walked down from a hilly section of the community known as Capture Lane and started to fire on the persons at the shop.

During the shooting, the Evans and the other male were both shot and seriously injured. They were both rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where they were admitted in critical condition.

The police also confirmed that during the shooting, one of the alleged gunmen was accidentally shot and injured by his cronies. The investigators further stated that while at the Cornwall Regional Hospital the third man who is identified to be the gunman turned up suffering from gunshot wounds and he was also admitted in serious condition under police guard.

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