Update: Gunmen Shot Up Downtown Kingston Funeral, Nine Shot, 3 Killed


Kingston, Jamaican (Mckoy’s News)Gunmen Shot Up Downtown Kingston Funeral Service: Reports pouring in to Mckoy’s News are that a set of gunmen today, Sunday, Dec 10, attacked mourners at a funeral service held at Kings Chapel on Windward Road in Kingston, killing three people and injuring four others.

Family member and onlookers are now crowded at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) where the injured victims were admitted moments ago.

Mckoy’s News understands that the funeral service was being held for a higgler, 30-year-old Romain Anthony White, when a barrage gunshots exploded the compound of Kings Chapel, from gunmen who reportedly ambushed the mourners from cars and on motor bikes.

Gunmen Shot Up Downtown Kingston Funeral: Police say that one of the gunmen was corner by the funeral goers who managed to beat him mercilessly.

The police intervened and rescued the gunman who was also taken to the KPH where he is in their custody.

White was stabbed to death on Beckford Street in downtown Kingston in a dispute over a parking space.

Update: According to Chief Executive Officer of the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) Errol Greene, two of the gunshot  victims were taken into surgery, while the others were being treated in the accident and emergency area.

The hospital is reporting that the injuries resulted in additional surgeons and nurses being called in for duty, and four emergency theartres being opened on this Sunday, where there is usually one open.

Hospital officials say they have also mobilised the emergency laboratory services because they need additional resources, including blood.

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