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St. James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)GUNMEN LAUNCH ATTACK ON LILLIPUT: The police in the parish of St James say they believe that the shootings of two men by gunmen in the Barrett Town community of St James on Wednesday night, May 31, 2017 are gang related.

Investigators further pointed out that they believe that the shootings came about from an ongoing rivalry between one existing and another dismantled gang which have been operating out of Lilliput and Barrett Town communities for some time now.

About 9:30 pm on Wednesday a 32-year-old auto technician of a Lilliput address was shot while reportedly driving his Mitsubishi motor car along a section of Barrett Town known as Jenkins Corner.

The victim was reportedly ambushed by a group of gunmen who opened fire on the vehicle.

He received gunshot wounds to his upper body and lost control of the vehicle which crashed in an embankment.

The Barrett Town police were alerted and upon arrival the wounded victim was transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

Two hours later the other victim, a 21-year-old man also of Lilliput was walking at Jenkins Corner when he was ambushed by armed men who shot him.

He managed to run from the scene but later collapsed and was assisted to the Falmouth Hospital.

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