Gunmen Hijacked Seprod Truck in Movie Style, Escaping with Over J$5 mil

St. Catherine, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News): Gunmen Hijacked Seprod Truck: Like a scene from of a movie, gunmen pulled off a seriously planned heist of a Seprod truck with over J$5 million worth of dairy products on Friday morning, December 1.

reports are that around 5:00 a.m. on Friday, a delivery truck with Seprod products was traveling along Grange Lane in St. Catherine, when the truck was intercepted and held-up by gunmen with high powered weapons, travelling in a motorcar.

The driver and side-man of the truck were reportedly removed from the truck and held hostage into the car. One of the gunmen then took over the wheels of the truck.

The truck and car then both travelled in the direction of Spanish Town, a pick-up truck with more men later joined the hijacking procession along the way.

The driver and side-man from the truck were later released in Spanish Town without harm.

The police have launched a search operation for the gunmen who robbed the truck and the missing truck.

Photo: unrelated file photo of road in Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)

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