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Gunmen Fled Leaving Illegal Guns at Police Station

Trelawny, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Gunmen Fled Leaving Illegal Guns: Two 9mm pistols were seized by the Falmouth police on Friday (November 24, 2017) morning after two armed men jumped from a taxi and ran leaving the weapons in the Station Yard.

According to the police, shortly after 10:00 a.m. on Friday a taxi operator picked up four male passengers in the town of Falmouth destined for another community. Earlier that day the taxi operator was given a bag containing food to drop off for another taxi driver who was arrested on warrants of Traffic Tickets.

Gunmen Fled Leaving Illegal Guns: While driving from Falmouth, the taxi man drove into the Falmouth station yard with the intention of dropping off the bag of food. Immediately as he drove in the police station the two male passengers in the rear of the vehicle jumped out and started to run from the compound.

The two male passengers caught the attention of several officers at the station who gave chase and while running a Smith and Wesson semiautomatic pistol containing six live rounds fell from one of the men’s waistband. Both passengers managed to elude the policemen who returned and carried out a search of a bag which was left behind by one of the men. The bag was found to contain another illegal weapon which was a Taurus 9mm semi-automatic pistol loaded with three live rounds.

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