Gunman Overpowered and Beaten by Female in Westmoreland After Shooting Boyfriend

Jamaica Crime News, Westmoreland: A masked gunman got the shock of his life on Saturday night, May 5, after he entered the home of a man in the parish of Westmoreland and shot him several times, but the gunman was overpowered and beaten by a female who is said to be the victim’s girlfriend.

The gunman is now in police custody and a Browning 9-mm semi-automatic pistol loaded with ten live 9-mm rounds were also handed over to the police by the brave woman.

Reports by the Frome police are that about 7:20 p.m., the male victim and the female were at home in Frome district when a masked man entered the house.

The gunman opened fire hitting the victim several times to his upper body. He was in the process of shooting the victim again when the brave woman jumped on his back and wrestle him to the ground.

It is further stated that, the firearm fell from the hands of the gunman and the woman gave him several punches before taking up the illegal firearm and held him at gunpoint.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, the whipped gunman and the illegal firearm were handed over to the police.

Also, the wounded man was transported to the Savanna-la-mar hospital where he was treated and admitted in serious condition.

The female is now being commended for her brave act which help to save the life of her boyfriend and also assisted in the seizure of another illegal firearm from the streets of the parish.

Frome is the Neighbouring community to Grange Hill where seven persons were shot and killed by gunmen last Tuesday.


By Henry Bucknor

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