Gunman Disarmed, Firearm Handed over to the Portland Police

One .38 Titan Tiger revolver with four .38 rounds of ammunition were handed over to the Portland Police by a resident in Hart Hill, Buff Bay, Portland after he was attacked by two gunmen in his yard on Tuesday, June 29.

Reports from the Buff Bay Police are that about 8:40 p.m., the complainant and a relative have just entered their yard when they were attacked by two gunmen— one of whom had the gun. A tussle ensued between the complainant and one of the gunmen who was armed with the gun. The complainant used a machete to chop one of the gunmen. The gunmen then ran, leaving the weapon behind. The police was alerted and the illegal firearm was handed over to them.

The complainant and his relative escaped unhurt.

Investigation continues.

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