Gunman Caught after Killing One Man and Injuring Another in Portland, Dies at Hospital

Jamaica Crime News, Portland: The Port Antonio police have confirmed that a man who was caught after he shot one man to death,  and shot and injured another in Reach District, Portland on Monday, July 30, died at hospital from injuries he received during the incident.

He has been identified as, Lincoln Francis,  otherwise called “Daddy Links” unemployed of Greenwich Farm in St Andrew.

Francis is reported to have shot and killed,  Ryan Smith, 28-year-old laborer also of Reach district, while injuring another man before he was disarmed and stabbed multiple times by the victim.

Reports by the Port Antonio police are that about 4:15 p.m. on Monday, Smith and the other man were among a group of patrons at a bar in Reach district.

The Jamaica music fraternity was plunged into mourning after the passing of “Carrot” formerly of world renowned group Third World.

Minutes later, Francis who posed as a customer walked into the establishment and ordered a cigarette.  Immediately as he was being served,  Francis brandished a handgun and opened fire on both men.

Both men received gunshot to their upper bodies.  Smith fell to the ground but the other wounded man,  grab hold of the gunman and wrestle the firearm from him. Francis was also stabbed several times by the victim.

He then held him at gunpoint until the police arrived.  Upon arrival of the lawmen, the gunman and a Berretta  9mm semi-automatic pistol loaded with twenty-one live round were handed over.

Both wounded men were transported to hospital where Smith was pronounced dead. The other wounded man and the gunman were admitted in serious condition.

Francis succumbed to injuries on Wednesday.

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