GSRJ says Establishing its Ship Repair Facility will Redound to Jamaica’s Benefit

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Jamaica News: Public Relations and Human Resource Manager at German Ship Repair Jamaica Limited (GSRJ), Dr. Birte Timm, says establishment of its ship maintenance and repair facility will significantly contribute to Jamaica’s logistics sector and economy.

The company started business in Jamaica in 2016, with the intention to build a ship repair facility in Kingston Harbour to boost employment and introduce the country to viable economic activities in the shipping and maritime industry.

“We have an increasing number of ships coming into Jamaica, bringing all these goods that are a part of the logistics and supply chain opportunities. All these ships that come into the harbour might want repair services as, like a car, they have to do a fitness at a particular interval, so they are looking for opportunities to dry dock,” Dr. Timm said.

“This means, you lift the ship out of the water and you are able to maintain and do complex repairs, cutting the ships open, exchanging parts and several other services,” she added.

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She informed that investors from Jamaica, Turkey and Germany came together to form the company to develop the shipyard as a means of tapping into the potential growth opportunities to be derived from the maritime industry.

“Having no shipyard in Jamaica means ship owners and operators have to deviate their vessels from Jamaica, and so, you either have them not staying as long here or taking other routes all together. So, adding this facility to the logistics hub, it will add a very critical element that we can benefit from,” Dr. Timm reasoned.

She noted that while the ship repair yard will employ approximately 600 people permanently, there will also be the need for subcontractors to provide technical services.

“There is also the opportunity for other companies and entities, as housing will be needed for these persons who will be coming in, also transportation and hotels. Visitors to the city will increase, persons will have to eat, and during their visits they are going to be spending a significant amount of money here in Kingston,” she outlined.

“We are very thankful and optimistic about these opportunities as we see Jamaica as a very attractive location to build this shipyard. We could have gone elsewhere with this investment, but we believe Jamaica right now is providing this environment for the logistics hub initiative, and with the support and the attention that this initiative gets nationally, we really feel very comfortable that this will assist us to create opportunities and growth here in Jamaica,” Dr. Timm said.

The GSRJ currently provides an array of mechanical, electrical, electronic and hydraulic services, including overhauling and repair of main and auxiliary engines; maintenance and repair of deck machinery; and maintenance, overhauling and repair of hydraulic equipment.


Source: JIS News

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