GSAJ Diversifying Its Portfolio

Jamaica News: The Global Services Association of Jamaica (GSAJ), formerly the Business Process Industry Association, is diversifying its portfolio to show a shift from being a largely business process outsourcing (BPO) based sector.

Speaking at a JIS Think Tank held on January 16, President of the GSAJ, Gloria Henry said the decision was made last year to rebrand the organisation, to make it more representative of the association’s 70 cluster members.

She informed that her members were not only engaged in the BPO sector, but were also involved in knowledge process outsourcing and information technology outsourcing.

“We are looking to do several things with this rebranding. We want to attract other types of players to Jamaica because Jamaicans are some of the most productive in the world in terms of our capabilities, and the value that we bring to the job,” Ms. Henry said.

“We want to give university graduates a chance to benefit from this sector. Most of them are in jobs that do not match with their entrepreneurial spirit and their drive to grow and excel but this sector gives that opportunity,” she added.

Ms Henry told JIS News that her organisation is looking to diversify the portfolio of services that are offered here in Jamaica.

“At the moment…80 per cent of companies are providing business process outsourcing services which is mainly voice-based customer service and 20 per cent are providing what we call higher-value, more technology or knowledge process type work. So we are looking to change that portfolio to have more of a 60:40 ratio,” the GSAJ President.

She noted, however, that this scale up in the value change will in no way diminish the work, benefit or value of local BPO companies.

For his part, GSAJ Director and Senior Vice President and Country Head of Hinduja Global Services, Anand Biradar, said one of the noticeable areas of change will be facilities of some companies.

Global Services Association of Jamaica (GSAJ) Director and Senior Vice President and Country Head of Hinduja Global Services, Anand Biradar addresses a JIS Think Tank on January 16.


“Most of the facilities that came about in the last 10 years were not purpose built for BPO. Slowly the look and feel of the companies will change. We have over 7,000 square feet of space coming up and you will see a slow shift in the BPO companies moving out of old facilities into new purpose built facilities which, in three to five years from now the image that people have of a BPO is going change,” Mr. Biradar said.

He also stated that the sector will continue to grow in Kingston, Montego Bay and Portmore with May Pen, Ocho Rios and St. Thomas showing great potential for investment.

The Global Services Association of Jamaica reports that its members generate over US$600 million per annum in revenue and are aiming to increase that to US$1 billion per annum.


Source: JIS News

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