Man Chopped to Death in St James

Gruesome Family Killing!

St Ann, Jamaica (Mckoys News) Gruesome Family Killing – Father tells how family of 5 continuously chopped his mentally-ill son to death: Audley McLean is a frail, elderly man who fathered a mentally-ill son, named Stanley. How much more hurt to know that someone who came to his house that day, openly declared that they are going to kill his son that very day?

Mr McLean was in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston yesterday giving detailed evidence of how Velma Deans, her husband and their three children cornered his mentally ill son inside a house in the parish and chopped him repeatedly until he died, before using a piece of rope to drag his body into the streets in Claremont, St Ann in 2007.

McLean said he watched as Velma Deans directed two of her children to place the bloodied body of his son, Stanley, before the gate “and start chopping again”. “She chop him in him chest and all over,” the elder McLean recounted. “You saw that?” presiding judge Justice Carol Lawrence Beswick questioned. “I didn’t see when they were tying him, but I saw when they were taking him out of the house,” he replied.

Mr McLean is currently receiving dialysis treatment for his failing kidneys and was too weak to make it to the witness stand, so he had to be assisted by police personnel to a chair placed at the front of the courtroom, from where he was allowed to give evidence.

He told the court how he was at home on July 6, 2007 when a car carrying Velma Deans and two of her sons pulled up to his gate. McLean said she asked for his son, but he told her he did not know where Stanley was.  “She said to me she going to kill him today. ‘I muss kill him today’ and after she kill him, that is the only sin she has to pray for,” he recalled her telling him.

According to Mr McLean, a few moments later, a man who came with the family climbed to the roof of Stanley’s house and saw him inside. He said the man informed Ms Deans and immediately “they started fling stones pan di house. “Dem fling stones until dem lick out the windows and mash dung the front door,” he said, explaining how they gained entry to the house.

“Who and who were flinging stones?” asked prosecutor Sharon Millwood-Moore as she led McLean through his evidence. “Jermaine [Deans] and his two brothers up there so,” the father replied, while pointing to the accused.

The elderly man said he then went over to his son’s house and saw him “hitch up inna one corner and I saw Miss Deans stand up over him with a cutlass. She was chopping him with the cutlass, chopping him in his chest and all over,” he stated.

McLean said he returned to his house and heard Velma Deans call for a rope. According to him, the rope was tied to Stanley’s feet and used to “draw him outta di house”. “You saw that?” Lawrence Beswick asked again. “Yes, ma’am,” he replied.

The trial continues today, but McLean is to continue his evidence on Wednesday.

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