Great Grand Uncle Who Allegedly Sexually Molested 15-Year-Old, Picked Up By Police

The Hanover police have confirmed that a Great Grand Uncle of the 15-year-old girl, who was allegedly molested by a male nursing assistant, at the Noel Holmes Hospital in Lucea, Hanover, on May 21, was picked up by the police on Wednesday, June 2, on similar charges.

The accused was taken into custody on suspicions that he is alleged to have also sexually molested the teenage girl, five years ago, while she was only just ten-year-old.

Male Nurse Arrested for Allegedly Molesting 15-year-old Girl at Noel Holmes Hospital

The teen’s mother said she only have learned of the incident just two weeks ago, after her daughter attempted to take her own life, and she immediately made a report to the police.

Following an investigation by the Lucea police, the Great Grand Uncle who also resides in Lucea, was picked up by the police, on Wednesday morning, and is now being questioned.

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