Grandson Held in Connection with Grandfather’s Murder, in St Andrew

The St Andrew police have taken a young man into custody in connection with the murder of his grandfather, who has been missing from his home in Mount Ogle district, earlier this year.

The deceased has been identified so far only as Andrew Andrews, an elderly man also of Mount Ogle district, who has been missing from the community over a month ago.

Reports by the police are that about 8:00 am, on Thursday morning, residents in the community smell a foul odor coming from the area and raised an alarm.

An investigation was carried out, and it was discovered that the scent was coming from the vicinity of Andrew’s home.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, the grandson of the missing man was interrogated, and allegedly confessed, after which he took the lawmen to where the body was buried.

The forensic team spent several hours processing the scene, and carefully digging the make-shift grave, until they stumbled upon human remains.

The body which had its feet missing, and believed to be that of the elderly man, was later exhumed from the shallow grave.

The lawmen then went to another section of the area, where another search led to the discovery of the elderly man’s legs. The remains were then removed from the scene and transported to the morgue.

Following the discovery, the grandson of the deceased was questioned, and alleged confessed to killing his grandfather and burying his body in the shallow grave.

The lawmen are still processing the scene.

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