Flow Cables Vandalized by Theft; customers affected

Grab and Gallop – Thieves Snatch and Ride Away with Chinese Merchants Money

Latest Jamaica News, Hanover: The town of Lucea was the scene of a brazen daylight robbery on Tuesday (July 9).

Reports are that two young men travelling on a bike, pounced on a female supermarket worker who was walking to a nearby bank at approximately 10:30 am, to lodge cash amounting to more than $5 million for her Chinese bosses, who operate a supermarket in the old seaport town.

Eyewitnesses say the men grabbed the bag that contained the money and sped off leaving the stupefied woman behind.

But many people in the town blame the supermarket owners for being careless, contending that those large sums of money ought to be transported under guard, or by the supermarket owners themselves.

One taxi driver said it was a well-known fact that staff were being given large sums of cash to transport to the bank all the time.

People see dem all di time; people know say dem send staff wid money so dem man deh good a all a watch dem from long time an plan dem ting.  Di Chine dem too fool,” he said.

Di bad thing bout it, dem bwoy deh weh teef di momey naw go put di money to no good use.  Dem just a go waste it out by liquor and done it off quick.  Dem naw go even use di money buy piece a land or so.  Probably a inna di same supermarket dem go back so spen it off,” he added.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has always been warning business operators to use armored vehicles to transport large quantities of cash and other valuables.

In 2016, Sergeant Shawnjaye Mitchell of the JCF’s Corporate Communications Unit, urged merchants to employ security companies.

Do not use a bearer to carry large sums of money to the bank. That is a set-up for disaster,” Sergeant Mitchell had said at the time.

The policeman had also pointed out that the armored vehicles are completely bulletproof and can withstand extreme degrees of heat or gunfire, and the guards are also well-trained to protect whatever contents are being transported.

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