Government Rejects Opposition's Proposal

The Government Rejects the Opposition’s Proposal 

(Mckoys News)- Government Rejects Opposition’s Proposal: The Jamaican Government yesterday rejected a proposal that the opposition had made for the proposed National Identification Card to be protected by the owner, just as they would protect the Jamaican Passport, which is guaranteed because of one’s fundamental rights and freedom.

Although the National Identification and Registration Bill states that all cards remain the property of the NIRA national Identification and Registration Authority,  the Opposition senators argued that site ownership by individuals must be protected at all costs.

Opposition Senator Lambert Brown, with the support of his Opposition colleague, KD Knight, believes that the right of ownership being solely to the authorities is a bad decision.

After much debating and contemplating, the situation was voted upon and the Government used its majority share to decide on how the provision should be handled.

Contributed by Mikayla Simpson

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