Government offers support for 9 year old who allegedly committed suicide

Jamaica News: Minister of Education, Youth and Information Fayval Williams accompanied by Minister of State, Robert Nesta Morgan and other senior education ministry officers yesterday visited the family of nine-year-old Bianca Spence to offer condolences and the ministry’s support, after she succumbed to stab wounds early Saturday morning.

According to the ministry, the police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of the Grade 3 Rousseau Primary student, allegedly by suicide, which reportedly occurred about 5:00 am Saturday. Bianca was rushed to the Bustamante Hospital for Children where she died.

In consoling the family, Williams said Bianca’s passing was a very distressing and terrible blow to the family. She assured Bianca’s mother, Amoone Francis, of the ministry’s support through counselling and other areas.

“We know it is going to hit you very hard. It might not happen fully yet, but it is going to happen and we want to be here to hold your hand and the hands of the family to help carry you through this valley you are going through right now,” she said.

State Minister Morgan noted that this was a tragedy that no one expected or could properly prepare for but as fathers, mothers and representatives of the people they were there to offer a supportive shoulder.

“Even though we have no comprehension of the pain you are feeling now, and we cannot contemplate what you are going through; and even though it would be presumptuous of us even to try to pretend to understand, all we can do is offer our support, our prayers and whatever we can offer as a government and as a community, as human beings, recognising that your loss is our loss. We have lost a big part of our future as a society,” he said.

First responders from the Child Protection and Family Services Agency also visited the family yesterday.

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Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme

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