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Govana Laments His Gyal ‘Problem’ In New Video: Watch

Ever been captivated by an irresistible tease, and wondered why you pay SUCH a high price for the pleasure of realizing your dreams?  If you have also wondered why a good thing could be so bad, then check out the 4th Genna’s new single as he takes his ‘Problem ‘ to God.

While dancehall artiste Govana, whose real name is Romeo Nelson, enjoys the forwards of fans for his ‘HAMANTS’ Album, released January 2020, he continues to creatively entertain them with conversational pieces, dramatically colored in shades of humor!

After labeling himself the ‘gyal dem sugar cane’ and the ‘gyal dem nutty buddy’, Govi Govi finds himself this time in a ‘Problem’, with one question no man wants from his woman. The song opens with a direct question from a woman to her cheating man. To which Govana, of course responds in a one-man conversation.

Problem presents the lament of a cheating man confronted by an unusual display of vexation by his woman. The Impossible artiste preempts his conclusion with his acknowledgment of Jah Jah, but he wasted no time in explaining his entrancing observations. Once, even asking God the question, ‘Fada God whe yuh gi dah mad gyal yah dah fat piece a clump yah?

In a parallel expression of fear and confusion the lyrical lament referenced mental illustrations of rhetoric toward his woman. He notes, her often proclamation of love, in the midst of searches and destruction of his phone. Her violent threats and gun-wielding exaggeration are intentionally staged to set the tone for a steamy sexual performance. All of which is preceded by an obvious attempt to spark arousal; she parades in sexy lingerie, often making bodily advances focused on his frontal.

Addressing her as the ‘mad gyal, the artiste presents the justification behind her sexual AND violent response to the infidelity accusations. The picture Govana paints is that this has happened before. So, all pales in comparison to the ‘bitter – sweet’ “Problem” the ‘gallis boss’ has to continuously deal with for a woman holding the reason why men become ‘gyal clowns’. For, neither retreat or surrender can stop another occurrence of the very same experience. Hence, he is left hopelessly questioning the universe, why ‘God puts the best flowers around the orifices of women,’ characterized by insanity and volatility.

No doubt Govana’s male fans, will be releasing forwards for this song. One fan said, “Govana’s Problem could indeed be an envied situation.”

In Convo another of the 4th Genna’s popular hits, he discloses his affair to his consort’s husband, Chris. Is ‘Problem’ a follow up to that past conversation, or is it a simple strategic response to the woman’s original question.

Below, you can watch the video for Problem by Govana, who recently a dad for the second time.


Source: Dancehallmag

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