Govana Gives Fans An Update On Chris/Keisha Drama With ‘Convo Pt. 2’: Watch

It seems like Chris just cannot catch a break!

Dancehall artiste Govana has given fans an update on the Chris/Keisha love triangle, in a followup to the witty and creative track titled “Convo” which was released in January 2020. Fans already got an earful of the drama on the first track where Chris, the husband of Keisha, finds out that his wife is involved with the 4th genna official.

On Convo Part 2, it seems like Chris and Govana have moved on from the Kiesha drama and have become friends of the circumstance. Chris calls Govana to brag about the new leading lady in his life, Tasha- a friend of Keisha.

In a back and forth interaction similar to Usher and R. Kelly’s Same Girl, Chris and Govana go back and forth to decipher if they are referring to the same girl. Chris says Tasha is a virgin and brags about how much he provides for her, saying “bay 10grand US me send har, nothing less”.

Govana thinks he has muted the call and then proceeds to clown Chris to his friend, for Chris’ terrible choices in women. While Govana thinks he should tell Chris about Tasha, his friend says its a bad idea.”Remember when you tell him bout Keisha and the whole world tell you say yah informed?”, he said.

Of course, at the end of Govana’s revelation, Chris lets him know that the call was not muted and he overheard the entire conversation.

Like part one, ‘Convo Part 2’ has quickly racked up views on Youtube, with 70,000 views and over 1,000 comments within an hour of its release. Following the success of his first album, HAMANTS, dancehall fans have lauded Govana for his consistency, with hit after hit. Convo and Convo Part 2 have also helped to showcase the singer’s vivid storytelling skills and his versatility as a dancehall artiste.

Since the release of the first single, fans have contributed to the popularity of the songs with heated discussions on social media about the Chris/Tasha/Keisha/Govana drama and criticizing all parties involved, especially Chris.

Fans are also calling for a part three update of love saga. Watch the hilarious video below:


Source: Dancehallmag

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