Govana Bemoans The Ills Of Social Media In New ‘Mental Slavery’ Video: Watch

In an emotionally touching video released two days ago, Govana bemoans the impact of social irresponsibility explained in his 4th track on his January 2020 H.A.M.A.N.T.S album, ‘Mental Slavery’.

As the father to now two young kids, and a vocal citizen, Romeo ‘Govana’ Nelson is always inspired to lyrically voice his ‘meds’ on the social issues among us. Words and emotions did not fail the artiste in his latest video as he addresses a serious social issue, cultivated from a place of mental slavery.

In a prayerful cry to Christ, Govana sings, “O Lord, can you hear mi, O Lord mi a beg yuh save wi”. The soulful and sincere sounds of the artiste open the video to a selfie posting female, distracted behind the steering wheel of a moving vehicle. “Has this world gone insane…it rain but it seems like it is all in vein….nuf a dem get trapped by social media, get lost by searching for fame…” These words are as piecing as the ‘Pray’ artiste emotionally reveals his thought in picture. Her social media trotting, regarding as one searching for fame, ends in tragedy – as moments later her seeming lifeless body was being posted on social media by another.

The social landscape was aptly represented, as onlookers immediately captured images of her dead body, continuing her hobby. Who would have thought that would have been her last post, just before she almost killed somebody while driving on the road?

Lyrically detailed verses are enveloped by the catchy yet serious chorus, “Nobody cares about human rights, dem only care about Instagram views and likes…. yow mi neven watch the news at nights…”

The LMRPRO and Raheef Muzik Group co-produced video captures every aspect of the song, sending a clear message to listeners and viewers alike. Visuals directed by Damaniac Visualz illustrates the sad events of actions – A young woman ignores her son, giving him a tablet instead of an embrace. All to return to her self-indulgent phone function, shortly to be alarmed by the shot of a gun that made her ignoring action, hers and her son’s last interaction. The video presents the intertwined reality of how each of our actions affect one another.  In the video the little boy’s death was as a result of a gun-boasting social media post tracked by the police, whose presence aroused a gun blazing response from three irresponsible male in the streets.

As Mental Slavery closes the artiste continues his rhetorical appeals to the Lord, “O Lord, can you hear mi…” The genius camera illustrations also closed with images of the gripping effects of the actions of people who may have gone crazy, as Govana puts it, “O Lord mi a beg yuh save wi, … help wi daily, cause a nuf a dem caught inna mental slavery”

Watch the official video for Mental Slavery below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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