Got STD from My Husband’s Best Friend

Dear Mckoy.

I have been married a few years now, but since of late, I find myself not having much sexual urges for my husband.
However, he has a best friend that visit our home quite often and I started having feelings for the friend. One day while my husband left for work he visited and we had sex.

Ever since then I started itching so I visited the doctor. Only to learn I caught STD.  I confronted him and he also went to the doctor and found out he had the STD for a while.

Now I am worried and not sure how to approach my husband about it.  I’m not sure what to do.



Dear Westmoreland: You and your husband best friend have done him enough wrong. I would suggest you at least ask your husband to visit the doctor for a checkup. So he can be treated if he was infected. 

Good luck


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