Gossip: Shenseea in Bed with a Female

Gossip: Shenseea in Bed with a Female
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Gossip: Shenseea in Bed with a Female, some of Facebook comments

Realgeneral Jarrett Love a girl who love a next girl

Rod Ricky Brown love a girl who love girls

Evabless Shakespeare For me a person live the life they love just hope that they love the life they chose to live

Duane C Rock Mcneil A wah kind of ting dat ? Weh shenseea a deal wid? how dem never call mi and put mi inna di middle like a sandwich…dwl mi tink a just one publicity stunt dats weh dem love do now a days maybe a music video…personally I think she is talented she don’t need that…she looks good and she has the talent

Francois Wilson Well I hope she has fun….dem sexy like.

Yanni Bless   Woiiii my bf WC a now him go love har lawd God  ‍♀️

Anthony Gibbzs The blood of Jesus is Against her repent shalamanta

Damion Guts Donald It’s a Music video 

Victoria Rose Girl I’m with u… Sick and tired of these men 

Opal Watson What if a did bounty killer n beenie man in a this compromising position because dem a come out with a music video? What would we say? Video or no video this is unacceptable.

Racquel Dacosta Ppl talking about music video i dnt care i ain’t getting like that with no gurl

Shaneann Watson A must temptation overdrive video this !

Joel C Smith Man r woman am not a supporter, I ain’t hating just not supporting, its her choice to do this and its my choice to stop being a fan end of story

Michael White What if it was a Male artist an another Male in that position making “Music Video” you can jus imagine the backlash! Double standard man double standard!!!

Carata McGrath As soon as these girls start to make some money they tend to be foolish wondering what her mother is saying about this

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