Gone! Instagram removes Foota Hype’s Instagram Page Forever

Foota Hype’s Instagram account has been completely removed. This after it was reinstated last week following reports made by users.

It came after his social media spat with Dancehall Artiste Spice about her upcoming performance on Toronto’s LGBTQ Festival.

“Di next page gone yuh nuh people. Instagram finally dismantle it completely. Because obviously, they keep reporting it, suh Instagram just lock it down completely,” Foota said.

Yizimi, I’m still here. I’m still here.” You know, they just can’t keep me from writing a post about all of these amazing accomplishments, traveling all around the United States and f-king up di place. “They don’t like it,” he said.

In spite of the criticism he has received, the Sound System Selector and Critic maintains a number of other social media accounts and is celebrating the launch of his new Str8 Nation clothing line in response to requests from his critics for him to stop wearing clothing manufactured by LGBTQ designers.

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