Goat Thieves Killed During Shoot out with Police in Manchester

Two alleged goat thieves were fatally shot, and a third shot and injured, after they challenged the police in a shoot out in Kingsland, Spur Tree, Manchester on Tuesday.

Investigators have reported that one of the alleged goat thieves has been identified so far only as Dwayne Baker, also of a Manchester address.

Reports are that the police received information that armed men believed to be from Manchester and St Elizabeth, had stolen several goats in St Elizabeth, and were making their way back to Manchester.

They were intercepted by the lawmen approximately 4:20pm, and the men reportedly opened fire at them.

The fire was returned, resulting in two of the men being shot and killed, and the other shot and seriously injured.

The police have since indicated that an illegal firearm and several rounds of ammunition was recovered at the scene, along with several stolen goats.

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