Watch: Goat Saved by Heroic West Kingston Farmer with Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation and CPR

Latest Jamaica News, Kingston (McKoy’s News): Goat Saved by Heroic West Kingston FarmerA two-part video of a daring mouth-to-mouth resuscitation of a she-goat by her owner, is wowing Jamaicans on Instagram, who are amazed at the goat farmer’s first aid and CPR skills.

The two video clips were uploaded by an obviously impressed actor and singer Terrence “Fahrenheit” Harold on his Instagram page last evening and who labelled the farmer a genius.  The incident apparently occurred in Orange Villa in West Kingston and Fahrenheit captioned the first video: “most amazing thing I’ve seen in a while…

In the first clip, a herd of goats including small kids, is seen galloping down a roadway and then turning a corner.  But, within the herd is one that appears to have been tangled by her horns in another goat’s rope and was being dragged along by its head.  The farmer, known as Mr. Rowe, runs after the goats, holds them and tosses one of the healthier ones aside and calmly untangles the rope.  Holding the limp goat by its head, he gives it four puffs of breath and gently depresses its chest, resulting in loud bleat from the animal.

But as the goat becomes limp again an onlooker says: “Want some more mouth to mouth.”  Mr. Rowe then gives the goat one long puff of air, the real Breath of Life, and rubs its belly again and lifts the animal which, now fully revived, gallops down the road to catch up with the rest of the herd.

Bwoy you a di best Miss Rowe; you no easy,” said the obviously impressed videographer.

A plethora of comments lit up Farenheit’s page.  Some persons cited the farmer as a Real Spirit Warrior, and a hero deserving of national awards.

This man fi get a thing a Kings House.  Trust me.  I have never seen this before.  Bad to bad good things happen in Jamaica same way,”Fyah Werks said.

I am really impressed.  Long live the man and the goat,” Gillian Black posted.

This makes me believe in humans again.  Amazing,” miami305usa posted.

Some persons on DJ Spark’s IG page where one of the videos was also shared, said people ought to take page out of the Shepherd’s book.

This is actually beautiful.  Nuff people need to know this method.  It can save a lot of lives instead of picking up phones to video,” chef_up_north_official said.

All hail Mr. Rowe, The Good Shepherd.

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