Glen Vincent Health Centre Adopted

Jamaica News: The Glen Vincent Health Centre is the 19th facility to benefit under the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ Adopt-A-Clinic programme.

Seaford Pharmaceuticals Inc., based in Ontario, Canada, has adopted the clinic for three years, committing $3 million for the renovation of the paediatric unit.

The funds will go towards the purchase of clinical equipment and office supplies and minor infrastructure repairs and maintenance.

The Type III clinic, located at Trevennion Park Road, St. Andrew, is the only paediatric health centre within the South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA).

Approximately 11,897 patients visit the facility per year based on 2018 data, at an average of 40 to 70 patients daily.

In his remarks at the official adoption ceremony on Wednesday (December 11), Health and Wellness Minister, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton, commended Seaford Pharmaceutical for responding to the needs of the Glen Vincent Health Centre and making the commitment of support over the medium-term.

He noted that health centres play a critical role in alleviating the burden on the public health system, and the adoption process “is seen as a recognition of the gaps in the everyday operations of delivering primary healthcare”.

He said that the Ministry will continue in its efforts to meet the target of having 100 of the island’s 320 public health centres adopted under the programme.

Member of Parliament for South East St. Andrew where the clinic is located, Julian Robinson, hailed the public-private partnership, under the Adopt-A-Clinic programme, to improve the delivery of primary healthcare.

“The vast number of Jamaicans do not have insurance and have to access the public health facilities. Whatever we can do to improve the quality and ensure that they are properly staffed and there is adequate infrastructure and equipment, it makes a material difference,” he said.

“Having a partnership like this can make the difference between life and death, and it can significantly improve the capacity of a clinic like this to deliver the kind of services that it is designed to do,” Mr. Robinson added.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Seaford Pharmaceuticals Inc., Ron Seales, told JIS News that his decision to participate in the Adopt-A-Clinic programme was motivated by a desire to give back to Jamaica, where he lived for several years.

“I saw the need and felt I could give my sincere commitment to helping. Collectively, we all have to help,” he said.

Part of the Ministry’s primary care response, the Adopt-A-Clinic programme aims to upgrade and improve the services at health centres across the island in collaboration with individuals and companies in Jamaica and across the diaspora.

The project seeks to attract and identify stakeholders who will adopt the facilities and provide the requisite basic needs and resources that will better enable those institutions to deliver quality services at the community level.

So far, a total of 19 clinics have been adopted and 15 launches done. An additional three clinics are scheduled for adoption in the first quarter of 2020.

The donor commitments for the 19 clinics total $57.4 million over a three-year period, representing $19.1 million per year.


Source: JIS News

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