Gleeful Gangsters now being sought by Police

Jamaica News: A gang of four gleeful gangsters who touted what is said to be a Ruger pistol is now on the police radar. In a video on social media the teens were seen touting the pistol in a boastful manner, passing the gun from person to person, cocking and loading the gun repeatedly; describing their willingness to attack their opposition anywhere and anytime.
The video has since gone viral on social media. Many Jamaicans are expressing shock at the action of the teens. In some comments persons say that:
“dem 3 body ya soon dash weh,”
“A the person who deh video dem own the gun and set dem up,”
“Bwoy them just ago mek them mother feel pain all over again.”
These were just a few of the comments expressed.
Two of the youth identified in the video goes by the aliases Spanglers & Desam.
The individuals in the video are being urged to turn themselves in to the nearest police station immediately, in the company of their parents and attorneys.
“We have received the video footage and we are very concerned. We have commenced investigations into the matter, using available technology. However, we are appealing to the persons who may have information about their identity to come forward,” Senior Superintendent of Police and head of the Corporate Communications Unit Stephanie Lindsay said.
By: Chenson Bennett

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