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Girl brutally beaten wants to go home

The young woman who was badly beaten at a party nearly two months ago, and has been hospitalized on life support since, says she wants to go home.

She is Kaylan Dowdie, 17. Ms Dowdie was beaten by several women at a party, near Liguanea, St Andrew. One of the women reportedly said she didn’t like how Dowdie looked at her and then the mob attack started.

Kaylan Dowdie has been in the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI)  and is on a ventilator to support her breathing.

Her mother, Veneisha Buckley, says Kaylan wants to go home. In the latest of several long reports posted on social media, about her daughter, Ms Buckley says she has bought a pacemaker for Kaylan. However, she says Kaylan will need round the clock care with several nurses.

Watch and listen to the mother:

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