Ghetto Children Keep School

Jamaica News, Montego Bay: Several children from the inner-city community of Paradise Row and North Gully in Montego Bay want to be different from any other Ghetto Community. They have teamed up and formed an organization called ‘Ghetto Children for A Better Future”.

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the children gather at a makeshift building where they study and help other children in the community who need assistance with homework. Some of the subjects that they study are Mathematics, English Language, Spelling and Proverbs. The students say while they are off from their weekly school, they want to capitalize more on the time they have at hand.

The school has a principal as well as teachers. The principal for the school is Shamora Dennis, while her twin sister Shamara is one of the teachers. Both Shamora and Shamara along with their brother Anthony are students at the Albion Primary school in Montego Bay. They find time to keep this so-called “Ghetto School” open and ensure that the students get the help they need.

The children cool out after school on the streets of Paradise Row in Montego Bay

Their main concern is that they need a Blackboard (chalkboard) and hope one day some Good Samaritan will assist them. They sometimes get a little refreshment from some of the community members who sponsor them with bag juices and biscuits.

Some of the students aspire to be Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, Teachers and soldiers. ‘We want to capitalize on the time we have to make use of our education, we have taken Gsat and hoping for the best to step forward into a high school,” said school Principal Shamora Dennis.


Featured Image: Members of the ‘Ghetto Children for a Better Future‘ can be seen in Class with their books, while school Principal Dennis is seen at the head table.


By Alan Lewin

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