Ghanaian Footballer. Mohammed Anas

Opps, Watch Ghanaian Footballer thank his wife AND “girlfriend” on live TV

Twitter post put some needed comedy to the slip of the tongue for Ghanaian footballer, Mohammed Anas, who tried to turn things around expressing how much he loves his wife of 7 years, after thanking both his girlfriend and his wife on National TV. Can he go back home? This was the question of many who saw his shout out to his lady loves.

Ghanaian Footballer Mohammed Anas
Ghanaian Footballer Mohammed Anas Thanked Wife and Girlfriend on Live TV


Mohammed Anas: ” if the world knows that you have a wife and a girlfriend, its not cheating”

Good morning to Mohammed Anas, we hope you are still alive

“Mohammed Anas” Mrs Anas’ International search team looking for Mohammed and his girlfriend.

Has anyone checked on Mohammed Anas today?


Well, you’ve heard it for yourself, what do you say?

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