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Georgia Lewin Fofanah left the Island back to Texas

Georgia Lewin
JAMAICAN NEWS, FEBRUARY 17, 2018, Georgia Lewin:
St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) — Former Paradise Row, St James resident Georgia Lewin Fofanah left the island on Friday, February 16; Fofanah visited Jamaica for one week to attend the funeral of her older brother Cecil “Wigs” Lewin of Ewarton, in the parish of St Catherine.
The funeral service for Cecil Lewin of was held in Ewarton last Sunday, February 11, 2018.
Ms Fofanah took the opportunity to visit families and friends both in Ewarton and Montego Bay.
Georgia Lewin Fofanah bids farewell for now to her brothers
Born in the inner city community of Paradise Row, Miss Fofanah now resides in Dallas, Texas; while in Jamaica she was welcomed by family members and friends in her native city of Montego Bay.
Her mother Gloria Samms Lewis, her Brother Giffery and Alan Lewis accompanied her to the Sir Donald Sangster’s airport in Montego Bay.
Georgia Lewin Fofanah with her mon Gloria Samms Lewis
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